Ed Ridolph


Ed Ridolph is the author of “Rails to Rubber to Rails Again,” a massive overview of the decline and renaissance of U.S. and Canadian trolleys since the end of World War II, which appeared as five issues of Headlights. Being retired gives Ed more time to visit and research trolley systems, which he’s been doing “about as long as I’ve been photographing them (since 1957) and collecting material on them.” Ed enjoys writing about different trolley systems in the U.S. and Canada. His articles have appeared in various publications (Headlights, NRHS, etc.) and he has written several books, including Pittsburgh Trolleys In Color Vol 2: West End and South Side (2015), Southern States Trolleys in Color (2004), Ohio Valley Trolleys in Color (2007) and Iowa Trolleys in Color (2008).

Clive Foss


Clive Foss teaches the history of dictatorship at Georgetown University, a subject that takes him to many unusual places where he always enjoys finding streetcars. He has been a tram fan since his childhood in London, and grew up in southern California where he has fond memories of the Los Angeles and Pacific Electric lines. He has contributed articles to Headlights about streetcars in Cuba, China, North Korea and Argentina, and about Cuba in Railfan & Railroad magazine.

John Stern

Author & Photographer

John Stern’s transit images form the backbone of the Sprague Library photography collection. They span a unique period in American transit history from the early 1940s to the late 1950s. We try to find an excuse to include at least one historic John Stern image in every issue of Headlights, digitally remastered from his original large-format black and white negatives. (See our slideshow from John Stern’s “Portland Dreams,” Headlights, July–December 1999, page 21.) John Stern is currently a consultant on the faculty of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation and is the author of “Grand Central Terminal: A Study in Beauty and Meaning.” “The New York City Subway: A Century” (Issuu.com) is an illustrated transcript of John Stern’s talk from 2004 (updated October 2008).

Stephen J. Parascandolo

Author & Photographer (Deceased)

Stephen Parascandolo was the webmaster of Croydon Tramlink, The Unofficial Site, which he started as a schoolboy. A signalling engineer by profession, his text and photos made the July–December 2002 Croydon Tramlink issue of Headlights possible. He was tragically killed in a head-on collision on February 7, 2007 at he age of 26. In recognition of his contributions to the Croydon Tramlink, tram 2535 was officially named “Stephen Parascandolo” by Roger Harding, general manager of Tramlink. [More]

Trevor Logan Jr.


Trevor Logan is the webmaster of TransiTALK. He is currently a Marketing Manager & Part-Time Bus Operator for Eagleways New York. Trevor’s superb transit photographs were first featured in Headlights in the article “San Diego Trolley Today” (July–December 2004, pages 36). His work has appeared in every new issue since then.

Chris Slaight


Chris Slaight’s exciting photos of the Las Vegas Monorail helped round out “Viva Las Vegas” in the January–June 2003 issue of Headlights. Chris says he’s tired of transit photography; let’s hope he changes his mind!

John Smatlak


John Smatlak, an historic trolley preservation consultant, is publisher of the website Railway Preservation Resources. He provided up-to-date news and photos for “San Pedro Gets the Red Out,” Headlights, January–June 2001 (pages 4-5).

Rochelle Weber

Transit Artist

Rochelle Weber is an artist who paints NYC subway station tile mosaics. Paintings from her website were featured in “Rochelle Weber’s New York,” in the January–June 1999 issue of Headlights, pages 36-37.