“The Elevated Railways of Manhattan” counted as the 2013-2014 issues of Headlights for members. It traces the colorful history of New York’s elevated railway system from its earliest steam days until its demise. There are 372-pages of rare photos, many in color, and never-before-seen rosters of incredible detail. Now in its second edition, this is a must-have collectible for classic rail enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. The gorgeous El book by Eric Oszustowicz is only $59 plus $6.95 shipping.


Acrobat PDFs of every Headlights since 1996 are now available for purchase online. Use our online order form to select the date or dates you want and we will e-mail PDFs of each issue you order. These high-resolution PDFs have the same content as the limited-edition printed copies sent to ERA members.


The El Paso streetcar opened for service on November 9, 2018, making this our timeliest issue of Headlights yet. This is an historic system that refused to die, and John Pappas thoroughly covers every aspect of its fascinating rebirth. In addition to John’s lush photography, there are exclusive photos of the restoration and testing of the PCC cars, and a detailed track map of the system by Sandy Campbell. This issue also includes highlights from ERA’s 2018 Tour of Southern Germany with photogaphy by Ron Yee and John Pappas. Every picture is beautiful. A few extra copies of this amazing issue are available for only $20 each, including shipping, or just $8.95 for the PDF.


Weighing in at 96 pages, Headlights 2017 is bursting with three spectacular articles, starting with Ron Yee’s colorful look at “Aruba’s Oranjstad Streetcar.” Although they look like vintage trolleys from 100 years ago, these fascinating trams are powered by state-of-the-art hybrid batteries. Next, John Pappas writes about the “Twilight for Western European PCCs.” Travelling city by city, he has documented the last remaining European PCCs in exquisite detail before they vanish forever. We conclude this issue with “Granada Metro Follow-up” by Randy Glucksman, picking up where Headlights 2016 left off with the final opening of this much-delayed system. A few extra copies are available for only $20 each, including shipping, or just $8.95 for the PDF.


Headlights gets a new look for the first time in 20 years, and some members are calling it the best issue ever published. Eric Oszustowicz, author of “The Elevated Railways of Manhattan,” answers the question of how the Second Avenue Subway might have turned out had it been finished 86 years ago in “The 1931 IND Plans,” his exclusive examination of actual SAS blueprints. Then John Pappas compares the new streetcar systems of Cincinnati, Kansas City and Granada in our gorgeously illustrated cover story, “A Tale of Three Cities.” Also included are three detailed track maps by Sandy Campbell. A few extra copies are available for only $20 each, including shipping, or just $8.95 for the PDF.


The special 2015 “Traction in Japan” issue of Headlights by John Pappas is still available! It provides a modern day pictorial survey of the surviving streetcar systems of Japan as seen by ERA members during a comprehensive tour in May 2014. With 92 pages of spectacular photography by Mr. Pappas, Ron Yee and Michael Glikin and design by Sandy Campbell, this is the most comprehensive edition of Headlights ever printed and has been met with overwhelming praise from members. A few extra copies are available for only $20 each, including shipping, or just $8.95 for the PDF.



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