2016 Annual Membership Meeting

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Annual Membership Meeting of the Electric Railroaders’ Association, Inc. will be held on Friday, October 21st at the Roosevelt Hotel, 45 East 45th Street (at Madison Avenue), New York, N.Y. The meeting will start promptly at 7:15 PM, our regular time. Following the Annual Membership Meeting, our regular monthly meeting will take place (Ron Yee is the scheduled presenter).

The following slate of candidates for board of directors was submitted by the nominating committee:

  • For President: Robert J. Newhouser
  • For First Vice President: John E. Pappas
  • For Second Vice President and Corresponding Secretary: Ron Yee
  • For Third Vice President and Recording Secretary: Robert Colorafi
  • For Membership Secretary: Sandy Campbell
  • For Treasurer: Michael Glikin
  • For Director: Jeffrey B. Erlitz

The by-laws allow any active member not included in the nominating committee’s slate to be nominated by written petition of at least 25 other active members of the ERA. The petition must be submitted to the membership secretary no later than the close of the first session of the annual membership meeting. If the petition is mailed to the ERA, it should be sent by certified mail and must be received by the recording secretary no later than October 15, 2016. The petition should be accompanied by a biographical sketch not exceeding 250 words including the name, ERA membership number and qualifications of the nominee, and a statement of what the nominee proposes to do for the membership if elected to the board.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Colorafi
Third Vice President and Recording Secretary
Dated August 9th, 2016
Brooklyn, N.Y.

For the Board of Directors of the Electric Railroaders’ Association, Inc.

Robert J. Newhouser, President
John E. Pappas, First Vice President
Ron Yee, Second Vice President and Corresponding Secretary
Robert Colorafi, Third Vice President and Recording Secretary
Michael Glikin, Treasurer
Sandy Campbell, Membership Secretary
Jeffrey B. Erlitz, Director