John Pappas

Friday, October 20, 2017

St. Louis Public Service Company

PCC 1793 receives a passenger at its first inbound stop on Delmar, one block east of Kingsland, in 1961. Even though 10-Delmar had the heaviest usage of the remaining lines, it was converted to bus in April 1964.

The presenter at our October meeting will be ERA First Vice President (and Headlights Associate Editor) John Pappas. John will take us on a road trip to the Midwest. Along the way, we’ll...

  • Check out the new Detroit Q-Line streetcar;
  • Revisit a thriving Kansas City Streetcar;
  • Take an initial look at Missouri’s new St. Louis Delmar Loop streetcar along with a look back at the St. Louis Public Service Company and its historic streetcar operations;
  • Check out the Ohio Railway Museum in Worthington, Ohio; and
  • Revisit the Cincinnati Streetcar, with a few diversions and surprises thrown in for interest.

After that, we’ll visit Belgium and The Hague to pay respects to first generation PCCs and their decidedly American heritage. While in the Netherlands we’ll see current-day Charleroi and the Coastal Tramway.

Come join us for an interesting evening.