Eric Oszustowicz

Friday, February 16, 2018

Tricity Fast Urban Railway (SKM)

SKM EN71-039ra in Lebork, Poland on October 3, 2017. These four-unit EMUs have been operating in Poland since 1976.

Eric Oszustowicz, author of The Elevated Railways of Manhattan, will be the presenter of our February meeting. Eric’s slideshow will encompass a diverse group of subjects, both local and international, so there should be something for everyone.

Eric will begin with a review of the New York Subway during the past year. This will include many unusual behind-the-scenes views.

Next we will move on to Eric’s excursion to Poland and Ukraine in September 2017. From Poland we will see views of intercity passenger, commuter and mainline freight trains in addition to the extensive tramway systems in Krakow, Gdansk and Warsaw. While in Warsaw, we will also visit their subway. Poland has seen huge changes to their transport systems in the last 10 years, and we will get up to date with these three cities.

Moving on to Ukraine, Eric will emphasize the intercity, commuter and freight operations in Kiev and Lviv. Non-Western equipment is still in operation and it is quite different and very interesting. For those who missed Jack May’s January program, Eric will present a review of the unique tram systems in Kiev and Lviv in addition to the metro in Kiev.

We will wind things up with a brief look at Eric’s July 2017 visit to the Pacific Northwest and southern Alaska. Portland’s light rail system is on the agenda in addition to spectacular views of freight trains in the Columbia River Gorge.

Please join us for an interesting evening!