Headlights 2017

Oranjstad Streetcar, Western European PCCs, Granada Metro

Aruba’s Oranjstad Streetcar by Ron Yee
Twilight for Western European PCCs by John Pappas
Granada Metro Follow-up by Randy Glucksman
Electric Railroaders’ Association, Inc.
8½" x 11" soft cover
96 pages

Weighing in at 96 pages, Headlights 2017 is bursting with three spectacular articles, starting with Ron Yee’s colorful look at “Aruba’s Oranjstad Streetcar.” Although they look like vintage trolleys from 100 years ago, these fascinating trams are powered by state-of-the-art hybrid batteries. Next, John Pappas writes about the “Twilight for Western European PCCs.” Travelling city by city, he has documented the last remaining European PCCs in exquisite detail before they vanish forever. We conclude this issue with “Granada Metro Follow-up” by Randy Glucksman, picking up where Headlights 2016 left off with the final opening of this much-delayed system. A few extra copies are available for only $20 each, including shipping, or just $8.95 for the PDF.


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