Arthur Lonto posing next to Brooklyn PCC 1001 at the Branford Trolley Museum shortly after the car was refurbished in the early 1960s. Bernie Linder Collection photo

Arthur Lonto


by Bernard Linder

Arthur Lonto passed away on March 9, 2009. Arthur served ERA faithfully for many years. He held a variety of offices, including president.

Arthur was on the Headlights staff for several years before joining the N.Y. Division Bulletin in 1959. After he was promoted to editor in 1960, he assembled a competent staff and was able to print the latest transit news as well as interesting and detailed historical articles. Starting with a three-page mimeographed issue, the Bulletin soon expanded to eight pages, reaching our members regularly. When I was appointed editor in 1981, I continued publishing the Bulletin in the same format.

Arthur again served as the editor of Headlights in the early 1990s until a new editor, Sandy Campbell, was appointed in 1996. He was also a member of the Branford Electric Railway Association, where he helped build three car barns. He was the manager of the souvenir stand from 1971 to 1979.

Arthur served his country during World War II. He was in the Army for nearly three years and overseas in Europe for 16 months. Unfortunately, he was wounded there.

After he returned home, he worked in his father’s real estate office until it was no longer profitable. Like many railfans, Arthur was hired by NYC Transit, where he eventually was promoted to associate transit management analyst. He retired in 2002.

Arthur and I had been friends since I started contributing to the Bulletin in 1963. I will certainly miss a dear friend.

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