Yellow/white Peter Witt tram 1673 at Piazza Cairoli in Milan, with Castello Sforzesco in the background. Photo: Peter Ehrlich (March 17, 2008)

Noted traction author and retired San Francisco Municipal Railway streetcar motorman Peter Ehrlich is our speaker for this month’s program. His presentation will focus on trams in Milan.

Peter worked at the San Francisco Municipal Railway from 1979 to 2005, the last 10 years being assigned to PCCs, Milan trams and vintage cars running on the F-Market & Wharves line. He continues to document traction across North America and Europe. His book, “San Francisco’s F-Line,” is available through the ERA HERE. Follow the directions to get the ERA’s $20 discount.

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Zoom Meeting Calendar

May 2021

The Zoom Meeting Calendar is a new monthly feature compiled by ERA member George Chiasson Jr. Zoom presentations are happening at transit clubs all across the country, and now you won’t have to miss a single one. Thank you, George!

May 1, 2021

The Rollsign Archives, Part 2

Presenter: Nick Tomkavage

May 3, 2021

Three Shows on the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad

Presenter: Michael Ditkoff
New York City NRHS

May 4, 2021

Lessons Learned from PCC Restorations

Presenters: M. Nawn, H. Donahue
Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

May 5, 2021

Belt Railway of Chicago (Video)

Presenter: Andy Sisk
St. Louis NRHS

May 6, 2021

Canadian Railroading, Part 1

Presenter: Charles Bogart
Cincinnati Railroad Club

May 7, 2021

General Meeting, Photo Contest

Contact: Charles Long
East Penn Traction Club

May 8, 2021

John Dzioboko Photos

Presenters: E. Rasmussen, R. Peacock
Wisconsin NRHS

May 10, 2021

Transit Photography for 1976

Presenter: Paul Bateson

May 12, 2021

Canadian Trolley Coaches

Presenter: Angus McIntyre
Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation

May 13, 2021

Travels in 2007: Slovakia and Hungary

Presenter: Ian Ring
National Trolleybus Assoc.

May 14, 2021

The Chicago, Aurora & Elgin Railroad

Presenter: John Nicholson

Membership Meeting

Olev Taremae
Anthracite Railroads Historical Society

May 15, 2021

70th Anniv. of CSR Closure, Part 2

Presenter: Tom McNamara
Cincinnati Transit Historical Assoc.

May 18, 2021

BNSF North Route: Kansas To New Mexico

Presenter: George Chiasson
Potomac NRHS

May 19, 2021

Women in Transit

Presenter: George Gula
Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

Railroad Photography Using Drones

Presenter: Mike Yuhas
NRHS Philadelphia

May 20, 2021

Railway Culture of Japan and Taiwan

Presenters: A. Lu, A. Jennings
Mass. Bay Railroad Enthusiasts

Anatomy of a Wreck

Presenter: Dick Hovey
Arkansas-Boston Mountains NRHS

May 21, 2021

Milan, Blackpool, Phoenix, San Francisco and Chicago

Presenter: Peter Ehrlich
Electric Railroaders’ Assoc.

Amtrak in the Early Days

Presenter: Ira Silverman

Topic TBA

Presenter: TBA
Kansas City NRHS

May 28, 2021

LIRR Babylon Branch

Presenter: Dave Morrison
New York Railroaders Enthusiasts

When Ray Berger passed away in 2016, he left a trove of transportation memorabilia he had been collecting for decades. Jeff Erlitz and Noah Caplin have been hard at work sorting through these archives. Jeff has scanned a bunch of the vintage items they found, presented here for our members to enjoy.

Free PDFs of Headlights News Journal are now available for viewing online or download. Composite Photo: Sandy Campbell

The Journal was published by the ERA from 1976 through 1978 during a hiatus in the publication of Headlights. Thanks to the massive efforts of Jeff Erlitz, we have added a complete three-year set of high-res PDFs available for viewing online or download.

Free PDFs of The Bulletin are now available for viewing online or download. Composite Photo: Sandy Campbell

Free PDFs of almost every Bulletin since 2002 are available for viewing online or download. In addition, we have added many full issues as far back as 1958! There are also covers from the current year, which we add to each month, and complete PDFs of these issues become available at the end of December.

Free PDFs of every Headlights index from 1943-1977 are now available for viewing online or download. Composite Photo: Sandy Campbell

We have added free PDFs of almost every Headlights index from 1943-1977 for viewing online or download. Thank you John Swindler and Jeff Erlitz for your invaluable scanning work!


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