Photo: Andrew Ludasi

Join us on Zoom for another bonus summer presentation. All ERA members and friends anywhere in the world are invited to attend this exciting online event!


The presenter of our August meeting will be Andrew Ludasi. Andrew has traveled to Europe frequently, as well as having spent four weeks in Japan in April 2017. His show will feature Milan, Berlin, Cottbus, Hamburg, Takamatsu, Mexico City and a most recent trip to Colorado in September 2019, plus Lisbon and Sintra.

Upcoming Presenters

September 25: Russ Jackson*
October 16: Carl Jackson
November 20: Gary Grahl

Meeting Notice
  • The September meeting is on the fourth Friday of the month, not the third.
Detroit 287 at Congress Street. Photo: Peter Ehrlich (October 21, 2018)
Hamburg S-Bahn Type 474 on Rt S1 at Airport Terminal. Photo: Ron Yee (October 11, 2019)

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings Are Now Online

Watch our Zoom presentations anytime!

Our monthly meetings will be held via Zoom until we give prior notice of a return to the Roosevelt Hotel for live meetings. Starting with the June 2020 meeting, with the prior approval of each month’s speaker, Zoom presentations are being recorded and posted here and on our YouTube channel, ERA TV. Recordings will become available for viewing approximately two weeks after each meeting.


June 2020 Presentation: Ron Yee
July 2020 Presentation: Peter Ehrlich

Enter the promo code “ERA ZOOM” and save $20. Composite Photo: Sandy Campbell

The story of how America’s most exciting and successful new transportation experience was built!

“San Francisco’s F-Line” by Peter Ehrlich chronicles streetcar operations from 1860 to 1982, planning for a permanent line, the Trolley Festivals of the 1980s, construction of the F-Line and its opening in 1995, extension to the Wharf and expansion plans, an overview of other historic and modern streetcars in America, and much, much more!

This is the new fourth edition of “San Francisco’s F-Line,” published in October 2019. It incorporates updates and changes since the book’s original publication in October 2012, and the third edition in April 2014.

Save $20

Our friends at the Central Electric Railfans’ Association (CERA) are making “San Francisco’s F-Line” available for a special one-time, non-member price of only $45 with free shipping. Just use the Order Now button below and enter the promo code “ERA ZOOM” upon checkout.

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Free PDFs of Headlights News Journal are now available for viewing online or download. Composite Photo: Sandy Campbell

The Journal was published by the ERA from 1976 through 1978 during a hiatus in the publication of Headlights. Thanks to the massive efforts of Jeff Erlitz, we have added a complete three-year set of high-res PDFs available for viewing online or download.

  1. 1978
  2. 1977
  3. 1976
Two Bombardier Flexity streetcars on King Street. Photo: Marcin Skalij (Unsplash)

It is with great regret and sadness that we’re announcing the cancellation of this year’s ERA convention in Toronto, September 10-14, 2020. With the current lock-down, border closures, and likely longtime restrictions on gatherings of larger than 10 people combined with our older membership, the board of directors deem it prudent to consider rescheduling the convention to Toronto for September 9-13, 2021.

If you have already booked hotel and convention tickets, please await further instructions on both. We are working with the hotel as we speak. Mike Glikin, our treasurer, will reach out to you regarding your convention tickets.

We have a huge selection of Headlights in both print and PDF editions, plus the amazing Elevated Railways of Manhattan book, all available for immediate purchase online. Plus, our convenient Publication Sales section is cleaner and easier to use than ever before.

Free PDFs of The Bulletin are now available for viewing online or download. Composite Photo: Sandy Campbell

Free PDFs of almost every Bulletin since 2002 are available for viewing online or download. In addition, we have added many full issues as far back as 1958! There are also covers from the current year, which we add to each month, and complete PDFs of these issues become available at the end of December. View Here

Free PDFs of every Headlights index from 1943-1977 are now available for viewing online or download. Composite Photo: Sandy Campbell

We have added free PDFs of almost every Headlights index from 1943-1977 for viewing online or download. Thank you John Swindler and Jeff Erlitz for your invaluable scanning work! View Here


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