Al Churella’s book, The Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume I: Building an Empire, 1846-1917, is available from Amazon for about $40. Composite Photo: Sandy Campbell

ERA continues to take advantage of Zoom by inviting accomplished speakers from around the country. This month’s presenter is Al Churella, professor of history at Kennesaw State University in the Metro-Atlanta city of Kennesaw, Georgia. Churella’s research focuses on transportation history and transportation policy, with particular emphasis on the relationship between the railroads and the regulatory state. His presentation, “Escape from New York (and Philadelphia): How the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Long Island Rail Road Got Rid of Their Commuter Service” is a fascinating pictorial retelling of the transition to new regional transit operators in the 1950s and early 1960s. This is a presentation not to be missed!

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The 2017-2021 ERA Membership Card Collector Series. Card Design: Sandy Campbell

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Zoom Meeting Calendar

June 2021

The Zoom Meeting Calendar is a new monthly feature compiled by ERA member George Chiasson Jr. Zoom presentations are happening at transit clubs all across the country, and now you won’t have to miss a single one. Thank you, George!

June 1, 2021

Shoes, Snack Foods, and Streetcars

Presenters: Matt & Andrew Nawn
Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

June 2, 2021

A Day With Belt Railway of Chicago #525

Presenter: Andy Sisk
St. Louis NRHS

June 4, 2021

Vary Czech Visits

Presenter: Russ Jackson
East Penn Traction Club

Communication and Signals

Presenter: Brian Sykes
Wisconsin NRHS

June 5, 2021

Trams Intrurbs: Japan, China, Hong Kong

Presenter: Clark Frazier

June 7, 2021

New Jersey RR Videos, 1995-1996

Presenter: Gary Kazin
New York City NRHS

June 10, 2021

Trolleybuses and Bridges, Worldwide

Presenter: Michael Russell
National Trolleybus Assoc.

June 11, 2021

From Garfield L to CTA Blue Line

Presenter: David A. Wilson

Cement Belt Region, Lehigh Valley

Presenter: Jim Rowland
Anthracite Railroads Historical Society

June 14, 2021


Presenter: Bill Linley

June 15, 2021

Images of the Pacific Northwest

Presenter: Jim Kleeman
Potomac NRHS

June 17, 2021

Online Slideshow

Various Presenters
Wisconsin NRHS

Philadelphia, Newtown and (Never) NY

Presenter: Larry Eastwood
NRHS Philadelphia

The Railroad Collection at UConn

Presenter: Laura Smith
Mass. Bay Railroad Enthusiasts


Presenter: TBA
Arkansas-Boston Mountains NRHS

June 18, 2021

Escape from NY (and Phila.): How PRR and LIRR Got Rid of Their Commuter Service

Presenter: Al Churella
Electric Railroaders’ Assoc.

Private Railroad Car Ownership

Presenter: TBA

June 19, 2021

Buses in Michigan from the 1960s & 70s

Presenter: Dave Decsman
Cincinnati Transit Historical Assoc.

June 25, 2021


Presenter: TBA
Kansas City NRHS

GCT Murder, LIRR Cab Ride Montauk Div.

Presenter: Steve Kalka
New York Railroaders Enthusiasts

June 26, 2021

PRR World War II Operations Between Altoona, Pa. and Pittsburgh

Presenter: Dave Evans
New England Ch. PRR T & HS

Free PDFs of vintage ERA memorabilia are now available for viewing online or download. Composite Photo: Sandy Campbell

When Ray Berger passed away in 2016, he left a trove of transportation memorabilia he had been collecting for decades. Jeff Erlitz and Noah Caplin have been hard at work sorting through these archives. Jeff has scanned a bunch of the vintage items they found, presented here for our members to enjoy.

Free PDFs of Headlights News Journal are now available for viewing online or download. Composite Photo: Sandy Campbell

The Journal was published by the ERA from 1976 through 1978 during a hiatus in the publication of Headlights. Thanks to the massive efforts of Jeff Erlitz, we have added a complete three-year set of high-res PDFs available for viewing online or download.

Free PDFs of The Bulletin are now available for viewing online or download. Composite Photo: Sandy Campbell

Free PDFs of almost every Bulletin since 2002 are available for viewing online or download. In addition, we have added many full issues as far back as 1958! There are also covers from the current year, which we add to each month, and complete PDFs of these issues become available at the end of December.

Free PDFs of every Headlights index from 1943-1977 are now available for viewing online or download. Composite Photo: Sandy Campbell

We have added free PDFs of almost every Headlights index from 1943-1977 for viewing online or download. Thank you John Swindler and Jeff Erlitz for your invaluable scanning work!


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