Upcoming Events

Monthly meetings, regional trips, our next international tour and more

MNYBA Extravaganza

Boston & Maine | August 12-16, 2023

Hoosier Traction Meet

Normal, Illinois | August 25-26, 2023

MBS Fall Convention

San Diego | October 13-15, 2023


May 10-25, 2024

Brooklyn El Books

Volume 1 | Still Available

Brooklyn El Books

Volume 2 | Coming Soon!

2023 Monthly Meeting Dates

Sep 22 • Oct 20 • Nov 17 • Dec 15

All dates are the third Friday of each month except September. There will be no meeting in August.

Convention Keynotes

Our annual conventions usually have a keynote presentation. Here are a few of them.


ERA monthly meetings are held via Zoom. Most presentations have been recorded and posted on our YouTube channel, ERA-TV.


It’s now super easy to join the ERA, renew your dues, or donate to the club. All online.


Join the ERA right now using our online Application Form for new members. There’s a special discount if you’re under 30.


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Our membership cards are now digital. Download a PDF for easy access, or print it to add your name and membership number on the back.

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Publication Sales

We have a huge selection of Headlights in both print and PDF editions, plus The Elevated Railways of Brooklyn and the BMT Subway book, all available for immediate purchase online. Plus, our convenient Publication Sales section is cleaner and easier to use than ever before.


We have gathered all of our ERA magazines and newsletters in one spot for express access.

F Facebook

Created in 2011 by Philip Hom, our Facebook page is the place to go for the latest news from ERA members.

T Twitter

Our frequently updated Twitter feed is written by Alexander ‘Sasha’ Ivanoff, a contributing editor to the Bulletin.

Y YouTube

Fascinating member videos, including some of our monthly meetings, can be watched on our YouTube channel.

I Issuu

Every back issue since 2002 of the Bulletin and previews of Headlights since 1996 can be found on our Issuu page.

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