2017 Meetings


An outbound class ADe 11-20 railcar pauses at the Adrano Nord station, waiting for a similar unit heading for Catania to pass. These DMUs were built by Stanga in 1980 and constitute the Circumetnea’s largest group of rolling stock. Note that the track area in this attractive modern station is sufficiently wide to allow for the line’s eventual conversion to standard gauge.

Jack May

January 20, 2017

Legendary transit photographer Jack May will be the presenter at our first meeting of 2017. Jack made two trips to Europe (or “the continent”) in 2016. The first, last April, included visits to new streetcar operations on the islands of Sicily (Palermo) and Sardinia (Cagliari and Sassari). Palermo went whole hog with four lines, while both cities in Sardinia have tram-trains, where light rail cars share tracks with DMUs and locomotive-hauled trains. A few other stops in Italy, including the narrow-gauge Circumetnea Railway circling Mt. Etna, will be shown.

Jack’s second trip centered on a Baltic Sea cruise, with a number of shore visits to cities that have trams and metros. Included will be Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Stockholm, Goteborg (Gothenburg) and Copenhagen. Before and after the sea voyage, Jack visited three cities in the Czech Republic where traditional PCC cars still operate, mixed in with new low-floor articulated units: Prague, Brno and Oloumoc. His last stop was Oslo, which runs a modern electric traction system of streetcars and subway trains.

Please join us for this interesting and informative program.

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