History of the Newark City Subway

July–December 2001


The whopping 44-page July-December 2001 issue of Headlights features an article on the history of the Newark City Subway by Frank S. Miklos. It is jam-packed with historic photos from Mr. Miklos, John Stern and others, and features a map of 1944 subway routes by Sandy Campbell. As usual, every other spread is full-color.

This issue completes an exhausting trilogy on New Jersey traction.

9/11 Aftermath

September 28, 2001

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NYCSubways.org has several pages of astonishing photos released by MTA New York City Transit of the Cortlandt Street/World Trade Center IRT subway station showing the damage caused by the collapse of the Twin Towers.

The following two news articles about subways around the World Trade Center after the attack on September 11 were forwarded by John Swindler: