2016 Meetings

Dwight Long

April 15, 2016

Pittsburgh Railways Company PCC 1483 on the 98-Glassport line passes McKeesport B&O station in May 1961. Ray Berger slideshow (1 of 8)

The presenter at our April meeting will be Pittsburgh native Dwight Long. Dwight rode and photographed Pittsburgh streetcars for many years in the 1950s and 1960s, a time when the system was largely still intact. His presentation, “Pittsburgh from 1 to 99: Pittsburgh Railways in the PCC Age,” is a departure from the usual ERA slideshow in that it combines maps and photos, covering each route (from the 1914 renumbering scheme) sequentially.

Pittsburgh Railways Company operated one of the larger and more interesting streetcar systems in the U.S. The combination of industrial development with the hills and river valleys of the surrounding area provided a network substantially different from systems in the flat terrain of most American cities. Operating over 600 miles and over 100 routes at its peak, Pittsburgh also boasted the second largest fleet of PCC cars in the U.S., as well as operating obsolete deck roof “Jones Cars” well into the 1950s.

Because of the length of Dwight’s presentation, tonight’s show will cover the first half of the Pittsburgh Railway routes, with a subsequent show portraying the balance. Come enjoy an inside look at a fascinating system!

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