2021 Meetings

Dr. Rich Allman & Charles Long

October 15, 2021

PTC 2532 on Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia. Ray Berger photo (1963)

Dr. Rich Allman and Charles Long, longtime members of the East Penn Traction Club, will tag team for two presentations. Rich will present “A Feast of Deck Roof Cars,” including black and white photos from Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, West Chester, Philadelphia Rapid Transit, Fairmount Park, Hershey, York, Wilkes Barre, Conestoga, Pittsburgh and Lehigh Valley), as well as photos from Baltimore, Boston, Washington, Brooklyn, Third Avenue and Public Service, plus rapid transit cars in Boston, Chicago, the BMT and Staten Island Rapid Transit. Charles will be presenting rare photos of PCC car operation on the Philadelphia Transportation Company network, many of them of charters. 

Rich joined ERA in 1956 (ERA #2080) at age 12. He has been member of several organizations, including the East Penn Traction Club since 1984, and served as president from 1989-1991 and 2001-2003. His traction interests include historical and modern light rail operations worldwide, preservation, collecting photographs, and HO scale traction modeling. Rich is a physician in clinical practice and education, having served on the clinical faculty of Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia since 1992, and was associate director of the residency program in internal medicine. He was medical staff president from 2006-2009 and again from 2015-2016. Rich is currently associate professor of medicine at the Sidney Kimmel School of Medicine of Thomas Jefferson University. 

Charles, a native of the Philadelphia area, had an interest in model railroading starting about the age of three in 1951 which continues to the present day. In the early 1970s Charles attended the organizing meeting of the East Penn Traction Club and is now the group’s secretary/treasurer. He was active in multiple operating trolley museums over the years. Charles’s professional career was with Bell of Pennsylvania/Bell Atlantic from 1968-1999, primarily in network planning.

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