November-December 1993

St. Louis MetroLink Opens Busily

New Jersey PATH: 30 Years of Progress

Philadelphia PTC PCC photo spread

NY Museum of Transportation (Rochester)

(16 pages)

September-October 1993

New Orleans Streetcar System Poised for Major Re-expansion During 1990s

Farewell to the Hague’s American-looking PCC Streetcars

Streetcar and Light Rail Revival in France

(16 pages)

July-August 1993

Montreal’s Deux-Montagnes Line

Barcelona photos

(16 pages)

May-June 1993

The South Brooklyn Railway

(16 pages)

March-April 1993

In Search of the Perfect Station: Photo story of various rapid transit stations

(16 pages)

January-February 1993

The Time of the Trolley in Brooklyn: BRT 1920 roster of surface passenger cars

(20 pages)

November-December 1992

Examination of Federal Rail Transit Policy

(16 pages)

September-October 1992

AMTRAK Electrification

Shaker Heights photos

Brooklyn Rapid Transit Trolley photos

(16 pages)

July-August 1992

Birmingham Transit Co photo spread w/map

New York’s Newest Subway Cars, the R-68s

(16 pages)

May-June 1992

Baltimore’s Metro Light Rail Line Advances

New York 42 St Trolley Line proposal

SEPTA Trolley on 42 St.

New Jersey Proposal for Waterfront Trolley Line

(16 pages)

March-April 1992

Rapid Transit to the 1939-40 NY World’s Fair

Europe: Significant News of Passenger Railroading Overseas

(16 pages)

January-February 1992

ERA Berlin Trip, June 1991

Transfer Collecting as a Hobby, by Robert Saxon

ERA 1985 Tour of Zurich

(16 pages)

December 1991

Miami Metro

(8 pages)

November 1991

Washington Metro Extended

New York Automated Fare Control Moves Ahead

(8 pages)

September-October 1991

San Francisco Trolley Extensions and photo spread

New York R-17 Trip, 11/8/87

St. Louis MetroLink

(16 pages)

July-August 1991

Mexico: Guadalajura Light Rail

Boston MTA photo spread

(16 pages)

May-June 1991

New York’s 63 St. Tunnel Opens

New Jersey PATCO photo spread

(16 pages)

March-April 1991

Vienna’s Light Rail Rapid Transit Line

New Orleans St. Charles Line/Riverfront Line

(12 pages)

January-February 1991

New York Archer Ave. Line Opens

H&M/PATH photo spread w/map

San Francisco J Line Extension Thru the Bernal Cut

San Diego Tijuana Trolleys Waxing Successful

(16 pages)

September-December 1988

The Washington METRO

Washington Capital Transit Company

Trolley photo spread w/map

Los Angeles Light Rail

Los Angeles Lines photo spread w/map 1952

Pacific Electric Railway map Dec 1, 1945

Los Angeles Narrow-Gauge Streetcar Service Ends

(24 pages)

July-August 1988

Santa Clara County Light Rail

San Jose-Guadalupe Corridor

Electric Railway Systems in the San Jose Area

A Century of Electric Railways

Tangara Sydney’s New Train

(16 pages)

May-June 1988

New York Red Mike and the Subways

Streetcars Return to Dallas McKinney Ave. Route

(16 pages)

March-April 1988

Madrid Spanish Scene

Madrid Metro map

Valencia, Mallorca, Barcelona

2-page Metro map

(16 pages)

January-February 1988

Rail Rapid Transit for Singapore

Singapore: Eight MTR stations Under One Roof

(12 pages)

December 1986

Philadelphia SEPTA Rt 6 looses PCCs

(8 pages)

October-November 1986

New York Third Avenue Railway System by Karl Groh

(16 pages)

September 1986

New York Third Avenue Railway Aluminum cars

(8 pages)

July-August 1986

Brazil tries surface metros

A tale of two metros, part 1: Sao Paulo

(20 pages)

May-June 1986

Pittsburgh PAT goes underground

PCC: a 50-year retrospective, part 6

(20 pages)

April 1986

Newark City Subway, a 50th anniversary

(12 pages)

March 1986

Philadelphia SEPTA’s train to the plane

Calgary’s northeast line

(12 pages)

January-February 1986

Toronto Scarborough RT line dedicated

Indiana South Shore Line a half century later

(16 pages)

October-December 1985

Atlanta-South Line extension opened

PCC: a 50-year retrospective, part 5

(28 pages)

September 1985

Philadelphia’s center city commuter connection

Brooklyn’s 5000-6000-5100 series cars

(12 pages)

July-August 1985

Toronto: 1984, a year for celebration

(20 pages)

June 1985

Buffalo MERTORAIL service on Main Street

New Jersey: the new Morris and Essex lines

Camden’s new station

(12 pages)

April-May 1985

Chicago O’Hare extension completed

(16 pages)

March 1985

NY upper Harlem electrification debuts

Gomaco cars for Lowell

(12 pages)

January-February 1985

Pittsburgh rail service restored

Upgrading Pittsburgh’s trolley lines

PCC: 50-years retrospective, part 4

(20 pages)

November-December 1984

NYC Transit in pictures by Karl Groh

New York Third Avenue Railway System

New York Westchester and Boston

New York Elevated Gate Cars and other EL Cars

(16 pages)

September-October 1984

Pittsburgh: the great circle tour

Great circle tour map

(20 pages)

July-August 1984

Baltimore METRO line opens

PCC: a 50 year retrospective, part 3

New York car G returns to 3rd Avenue

The last run of the GG-1

(20 pages)

May-June 1984

Hagerstown and Frederick Railway

Indiana South Shore cars retired

(20 pages)

April 1984

Brooklyn Bridge Centennial

San Francisco trolley festival fleet

(12 pages)

March 1984

Washington D.C. Yellow line opens

Fort Collins Municipal Railway

(12 pages)

January-February 1984

NY Harlem RR Co.

Sesquicentennial of the Street Railway

(16 pages)

November-December 1983

Philadelphia: The Penn’s Landing Trolley

Philadelphia: The New Broad Street-IV Cars

Philadelphia: SEPTA PST photo spread

Philadelphia: SEPTA PCC photo spread

(16 pages)

August-October 1983

The San Diego "Trolley"

PCC, a 50-Year Retrospective, Part 2

Articulated Canadian Light Rail Vehicle

San Francisco photo spread

(28 pages)

June-July 1983

Australia Queensland Railways

Philadelphia photo spread

Connecticut Branford’s Newest Acquisition

Connecticut New Haven RR photo spread

(16 Pages)

April-May 1983

Swiss Suburban Trainsets

New York R-62 cars Ordered

Corregidor’s Trolley Line

(16 pages)

January-March 1983

The New York Central Electric Locomotives

Philadelphia Liberty Liners Saved

(32 pages)

September-December 1980

Southern New York Railways by E.J. Quimby

August 1980

PATCO’s second generation cars

SEPTA’s future plans

(16 pages)

June-July 1980

Boston Braintree extension opens

Canadian CLRV’s tested in Boston

New York strike stalls subway system

(20 pages)

April-May 1980

San Francisco MUNI inaugurates Market St. subway service

New York: a tale of two Court Streets

(24 pages)

February-March 1980

Atlanta rapid transit arrives in deep South

PCC: a 50-year retrospective, part 1

(24 pages)

January 1980

Seoul’s second subway nears completion

(12 pages)

October-December 1979

Paris Reseau express region

Indianapolis Traction Terminal Company

Atlanta inaugurates East Line service

Toronto CLRV's enter revenue service

(32 pages)

August-September 1979

Jubilee Line for London

San Francisco MUNI inaugurates phase "O"

San Francisco BART fire

(16 pages)

June-July 1979

Mexico City: three street car lines abandoned

Toronto funding for articulated Canadian LRC

Toronto Young St. subway

(20 pages)

April-May 1979

Washington D.C. Metrorail

PATCO: a decade of service

(20 pages)

January-March 1979

Philadelphia: 50 years of the Broad St Subway

Delaware River Joint Commission

Railway electrification in Tiawan

(24 pages)

October-December 1978

Edmonton: a case for light rail

Edmonton Radial Railway

Atlanta MARTA prepares for July 1st opening

Montreal Angrigon Park extension opened

(24 pages)

July-September 1978

New subway for Toronto

Canadian light rail

GO transit for Toronto

(16 pages)

April-June 1978

Jim Shuman summer vacation 1938

Pennsylvania to Iowa by trolley and railroad

(16 pages)

January-March 1978

Pittsburgh south Patway dedicated

A lifeboat for Chicago commuters

An Ed Morton LRV ride

London Transport to Heathrow Airport

London Piccadilly line

Metrorail arrives in Maryland

(20 pages)

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