2012 Meetings

Edmonton Transit System

A Siemens SD-160 Light Rail Vehicle, owned and operated by Edmonton Transit System (ETS), waiting at South Campus Station. Wikipedia photo by Jakub Limanowka (April 26, 2009).

Eric Oszustowicz

February 17, 2012

Our February meeting will be presented by Eric Oszustowicz. His slideshow will encompass highly unusual and diverse subject matter, most of which has never been seen at any of our programs.

The highlight of Eric’s presentation will be his 2011 trip to India. We will see extensive coverage of India’s only streetcar line in Kolkata (Calcutta), in many ways one of the most unique systems on the planet. We will also see the extraordinary electric MU commuter operations in Mumbai (Bombay) and Kolkata, which operate crowded high speed trains with their doors wide open while moving. Eric also visited Bengaluru (Bangalore). In all three cities, views of the intercity services of the massive Indian Railways system will be shown, and some bus services will also be covered.

Eric also traveled to Utah this past October. Salt Lake City’s TRAX light rail system opened two new extensions in 2011 and received delivery of 77 new light rail vehicles. Eric will show several views of TRAX, which has become very photogenic, in addition to some coverage of the UTA FrontRunner commuter rail system. Eric will also show us his photographs of the spectacular freight line over Soldier Summit.

Finally, Eric travelled to Edmonton in 2011 where he photographed the newest extension into south Edmonton together with the new vehicles purchased to expand that system. We will also see the newest cars operating on the Calgary LRT system.

Please join us for an interesting evening of unusual and new subject matter.

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