2013 Meetings

Instanbul Metro in Yenisahra Station. The M4 Kadikoy-Kaynarca is a rapid transit line on the Istanbul Metro system, currently in partial service. As of 2013, the M4 is the only rapid transit line on the Asian side of Istanbul. The line is all underground. Wikipedia photo (August 18, 2012)

Eric Oszustowicz

February 15, 2013

Our February meeting will be presented by Eric Oszustowicz. His slide program will cover diverse subject matter from Eastern Europe to Texas and beyond.

The highlight of the presentation will be the photographic results of Eric’s trip to Budapest, Bucharest and Sofia in September 2012. The extensive tramway systems in all three cities will be covered in moderate detail. Views of subway, commuter and intercity rail operations in these cities will also be shown.

During the same trip, Eric visited Istanbul, which is continually expanding its rail operations. We will see a brief photographic synopsis of tramway, subway and commuter operations, and views of what is possibly the busiest single rapid transit bus line in the world.

Eric also travelled to Texas during the summer of 2012 on an extended visit. Although the Dallas Light Rail system will be the largest system to be shown, we will also take a look at commuter operations in Dallas in addition to the diesel light rail system in Austin.

For mainline freight fans, we will head down to Laredo and follow the Kansas City Southern main line northward from Laredo, through Houston, Shreveport and beyond. As one will see, the KCS is an interesting operation to photograph. Please join us for an interesting evening of diverse and unusual topics.

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