2022 Meetings

Eric and Mary Oszustowicz

February 18, 2022

Sample video of Woodside LIRR station on December 8th, 2021 at 3:47 p.m. Video: Eric Oszustowicz

Please visit this page for the link to join our FEBRUARY Zoom presentation. We will post the Zoom Login button about five days before the meeting.

Our February Zoom program will consist of videos by both Eric and Mary Oszustowicz. Footage shot in 2021 and 2022 of the New York subway system and New York City-area commuter lines will be shown especially for the benefit of our non-New Yorker viewers. A sample video is above.

During road trips in 2021, Eric and Mary visited the light rail systems of Charlotte and Norfolk in addition to the historic New Orleans trolley system. An extensive section of the presentation will include scenes of the Chicago elevated and subway lines taken in May 2021.

Videos were also taken of various freight and passenger railroads. Of special importance in the freight category was a trip along the Kansas City Southern (KCS) main line in Louisiana and Texas. Due to the merger with CP Rail, the KCS system may undergo major changes.

During early 2001, Eric took videos at all stations on the New York Subway system through which the now retired “Redbird” R26 through R36 subway cars traversed. Eric also took videos on the IND and BMT of the now retired R32, R38, R40, R40M, R42 and R44 subway cars in regular service. All of these videotapes have been digitized, and we will of course see many of them.

Eric presented a similar program in February 2021 that was viewed by a record setting 175 participants. Some “best of” videos may also be included for those who didn’t see that presentation. You don’t want to miss this interesting meeting!


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