2022 Meetings

David Wilson

December 16, 2022

Hudson-Bergen Light Rail at Port Imperial, N.J. David Wilson photo, May 19, 2021

This month’s Zoom presentation by David Wilson is “Hudson Waterfront Redeemed.” David’s show will trace the redemption, reinvention and rebirth of rail services bringing passengers to, under, and along the Hudson River waterfront following decades of decline.

Public agencies and private service providers, in cooperation with real estate developers, have created and implemented a new vision for the Hudson River waterfront, especially in Jersey City, as well as implementing new combinations of services to connect New Jersey communities with downtown and midtown Manhattan.

We will learn about the process of consolidation, coordination, and revitalization of the various previously separate and independent rail transportation services, the formation of PATH, NJ Transit, and NY Waterway, and how they have contributed to the repurposing and revitalization of Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken, Newark and the surrounding area.

David Wilson has been riding, observing, documenting, and loving railroads and public transit for nearly 60 years. He began touring transit systems in his teens, including his first visit to New York, Hoboken, and Newark when he was 17. He has since made numerous visits to Hoboken and surrounding communities. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kent State University, and a Masters of Urban Planning and Policy from University of Illinois at Chicago, each with a focus on transportation.

In 2015 David retired from his 48-year career in transportation management, having worked in marketing for four railroads, and finished his career as a bus route planner for Chicago Transit Authority. He has since authored a book and various articles on transportation history in Chicago and gave numerous presentations on various aspects of transportation history and operations.

This is our last show of the year, so don’t miss it!

December 2022 Meeting Notice

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