2022 Meetings

Peter Ehrlich

September 16, 2022

Pittsburgh Railways Company PCC 1483 on the 98-Glassport line passes McKeesport B&O station in May 1961. Ray Berger slideshow (1 of 8)

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Our September Zoom program will be presented by noted transit historian and retired San Francisco Muni motorman Peter Ehrlich. His show will be about Pittsburgh trolleys, a system he has been accumulating much material on over the last few years.

Although Peter missed visiting during the Pittsburgh Railways heyday from the 1950s to the era of mass abandonment in the mid-1960s, many of his views will showcase that time. He did visit Pittsburgh extensively, however, during the 1980s and 1990s, and witnessed the transformation from PCCs to light rail. His most recent visit was in 2015.

Peter will briefly spotlight the Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad and its fabulous Electroliners. He will also recount the return to service in 2019 of Cable Car 19, San Francisco’s largest and oldest cable car. Known as “Big 19” to distinguish it from Powell Cable Car 19, it hadn’t operated since the Sacramento-Clay Line, San Francisco’s first, quit in 1942.

This should be quite an interesting program!


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