Closeup of M3 on lift in the Long Island Rail Road Hillside Facility, a highlight from the 2009 tour. Sandy Campbell photo (March 28, 2009)

LIRR Hillside Facility Tour

Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Electric Railroaders Association (ERA) is pleased to announce a visit to the Long Island Rail Road Hillside Support Facility — our first since 2011. The Hillside Complex consists of a maintenance facility, a support complex, and a wheel truing and car servicing facility. Built in 1991, the facility covers 30 acres and can maintain up to 60 cars at a time. The facility includes the first station east of Jamaica, designated for employee use only.


All attendees will meet in the ticket office at the Jamaica LIRR Station, which is at street level on the west side of Sutphin Boulevard, just south of Archer Avenue, no later than 10:45 AM. ERA trip coordinator Robert Colorafi will be there to greet you. We are still working on final details for our trip over to the Hillside Complex, but anticipate being led to a regular service train that will drop us off at the Hillside Station (which is restricted to employees and guests). In anticipation of the need for security clearance for all attendees, please make certain to have a photo ID in your possession and to wear sturdy shoes.

Due to regulations set by the MTA, all attendees must submit copy of their driver’s license or passport with the ERA order form.

Ticket Price: $35 Per Person

The deadline for the receipt of applications is Monday, April 1 or once 40 complete applications have been received, whichever occurs first.

Applications will only be accepted if they contain the three necessary items together:

  1. Form page (PDF below).
  2. A copy of each attendee’s driver’s license or passport that is clear, sharp and readable.
  3. A check made out to the Electric Railroaders Association for $35 per attendee.

Any application without these items will be rejected and you may not be able to go on the trip!

Please book your order ASAP! This tour will sell out extremely fast. For further information, please contact Robert Colorafi, ERA trip coordinator, using our contact form, or call: 718-304-6778.

Out-of-town participants should purchase only refundable hotel and travel. The ERA is not responsible for any expenses incurred due to rescheduling or cancellation of this event.


Ticket Order Form

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