Dan Brucker, Metro-North’s official Grand Central historian, describes how lithium bromide is added to super-hot, wet steam to create cool air during our July 28, 2012 tour. Video: Sandy Campbell

Grand Central Terminal Tour

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Join the Electric Railroaders Association at the Majestic Grand Central Terminal

The ERA is pleased to announce its 34th annual guided tour of Grand Central Terminal on Saturday, March 19, 2016. This majestic terminal, officially opened in 1913 at the pinnacle of American long-distance rail travel, originally served as the crown jewel for New York Central Railroad. Today, it services Metro-North Railroad passengers and over 20 million visitors annually. After extensive renovations in recent years leading up to its recent 100th anniversary, Grand Central Terminal is better than ever.

Dan Brucker, Metro-North Railroad’s official Grand Central historian, will be our host to explain interesting features of the terminal, both old and new, which covers 48 acres with 46 platforms and a plethora of corridors, concourses, rooms and secrets. In addition to the architectural and structural points to be visited, we hope to see various types of locomotives and car equipment. We will learn about upcoming plans for GCT, such the major ongoing East Side Access Project connecting it to the Long Island Rail Road. The tour should prove to be a delight to all — seasoned railfans, history buffs and anyone who enjoys a good time.

Join us for a day of exploring one of New York’s architectural masterpieces. The tour will meet in the Station Master’s Office at 9:50 AM and will last until approximately 12:30 PM. The Station Master’s Office is located under the West Balcony on the main level, next to the NY Transit Museum store.

Ticket Price: $25 Per Person

Sorry, this trip is sold out. We are limited to 25 participants, so please book your tickets ASAP! Orders received after March 1, 2016 are not guaranteed to be accepted. For further information, please contact Robert Colorafi.

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