2020 Meetings

Carl Jackson

October 16, 2020

Carl Jackson guides a tour of the Sun Metro Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) during the ERA 2019 Annual Convention. Sandy Campbell photo (September 3, 2019)
Take a tour of the El Paso Streetcar maintenance facility with Chief Streetcar Officer Carl Jackson.

Join us on Zoom for our October presentation. Please login about 5-10 minutes before the meeting so we can start on time. The meeting begins at 7:30 PM.

The presenter of our October show is Sun Metro’s Carl Jackson, chief streetcar officer for the City of El Paso. Carl’s presentation, “El Paso Streetcar: The 21st Century PCC,” will cover three distinct areas in the restoration of El Paso’s streetcars: the cars’ exterior, motorman’s station, and modified Clark B2 trucks. Carl documented every step of the rehabilitation process with his own meticulously detailed before and after photos. The cars featured in the presentation are original El Paso PCC units, purchased from San Diego Transit System in 1950 and lovingly restored by the Brookville Equipment Corporation of Brookville, Pa. nearly 60 years later. As the title states, these units have become “21st Century” PCCs.

Carl’s 31-year career in the transit industry spans four streetcar startups. After a stint as operations and maintenance supervisor for Seattle’s South Lake Union Streetcar, Carl served as general manager of the Atlanta Streetcar, then technical support consultant for the Kansas City Streetcar. He then accepted the position of project manager officer for the new El Paso Streetcar project, which opened last year. As project manager, Carl planned, organized, directed and coordinated the project’s construction and on-time delivery of the rehabilitated streetcars. This included the development of all functional and administrative aspects of a contemporary street railway. Carl was recently promoted to chief streetcar officer for the City of El Paso’s Sun Metro transit agency, which operates the streetcar.

We are honored to have a senior transit executive presenting to the ERA this month. Carl graciously hosted our 2019 ERA Convention in El Paso. He will answer questions at the conclusion of his presentation. This is a ‘must attend’ presentation, and all ERA members and friends anywhere in the world are invited to attend this exciting online event!

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