2020 Meetings

Mark Kavanagh

November 20, 2020

Tokyo. Mark Kavanagh photo

Join us on Zoom for our November presentation. Please login about 5-10 minutes before the meeting so we can start on time. There will be a brief Annual ERA Meeting at 7:15 PM. The show begins at 7:30 PM.

The presenter of our November show is ERA member Mark Kavanagh (ERA #6317). Mark will share photos from his many travels to Japan over the past 30 years. He has seen a lot of change over the years and is pleased to share them with ERA members and guests from around the world.

Tokyo is a traction and transit fan paradise. The city is full of many different rail operators featuring many forms of traction — subways, frequent commuter service, long-distance, and high-speed trains. If that’s not enough, there are monorails, trams and rubber-tired guideway trains.

When people think of Japan, many think of Tokyo’s crowded subway trains, but there is a quieter side to Japan, too. As a bonus, some of Japan’s smaller city tram systems will also be featured. Mark will answer questions at the conclusion of his presentation.

Mark grew up in Brooklyn near the elevated Culver line. He transferred to Oregon in 1980 where he has lived ever since. His job has afforded him travel all over the world, fueling his passion for rail systems. Mark’s website, Kavanagh Transit Photos, features photos of transit systems around the world.

All ERA members and friends anywhere in the world are invited to attend this exciting online event!

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